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ProBox Technical Information

The pages of this section present technical information about the ProBox fin base and how to accommodate keel fins and their specific needs.

There are also details on how to correctly deal with the positioning of the shaper's mark for the fins when laying out a keel fin setup. This is important to correctly get the box positioned on the board so that the base of the fin can effectively distribute the loads created by these large fins.

Finally, there is a fin setup primer page that provides some insights into the variables that come into play when playing around with the positioning of fins on a surfboard.

This technical information is being provided in the hopes that ti will help people get a better understanding of the system and how to successfully make fins to fit the system. Our intent is also too provide as much detailed information as possible in order to make it easier to make informed decisions about our system. Where applicable there are also detailed drawings that can be downloaded on the specifics of the fin base.

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As the need arises we will be adding additional technical topics to this section!

Please feel free to email us with any suggestions you might have for improving the information presented in this section.