ProBox Products Title

If you have been looking for a fin system that is easy to install, delivering adjustability in the directions that make a difference, then this is the system for you.

Its new and its different and it delivers an unprecedented level of control over your fin setup. Allowing you to tune a surfboard to the exact characteristics needed for any given surf break!

ProBox has a revolutionary patented insert mechanism that allows the cant to be changed to 0°, 4°, 6°, and 8° degree angles. Cant adjustment affects the performance and turning characteristics of a surfboard, more cant more looseness!

But not only can the cant be adjusted but the fins can also be moved up to 1/2" forward and backwards, allowing even greater flexibility in fine tuning the performance of the board. Moving the entire cluster forward will loosen the surfboard, move it back for bigger waves to tighten it up, or spread them apart to draw out the turns. Then try moving the one side fin forward and the other backward to really tune the surfboard to improve cutbacks or bottom turns.

ProBox Fin System Parts

The ProBox system is very simple and consists of only four primary parts.

Box & screws (separate side & center boxes)

Insert (BLUE - 0° RED - 4° BLACK - 6° WHITE - 8°)

Installation jig (for aligning, routing, locating, and gluing)

Allen key

ProBox Box Artwork