Extras Page

The pages on this part of the website will be used to present information that covers a lot of different topics that don't fit into the other parts of the site.

Over time we will be adding more information to these pages, as well as additional pages, as the need arises. This part of the website will serve as the catchall place for additional information.

Initially, there are pages that present the standard ProBox brochure, we are working on a downloadable version of this brochure that will also include a fin catalog. There is a page that will be used to display photos of boards being surfed with ProBox installed in them. Finally, there is a page that provides a brief history of ProBox that we hope people will find interesting!

Send us your photos!

At some point in the future we would also like to start a blog in this portion of the site in order to provide more up-to-date information about the world of ProBox!

If you have any suggestions for information you would like to see on our website that will be helpful to you please feel free to send us an email with your suggestions.

Extras Page